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  • Q: What does the term “actuary” really mean?

    A: The term “actuary” is defined by Bartleby as follows:
    (AK-chooh-er-ee) A mathematician who uses statistics to calculate insurance premiums. We actually do much more than this, but it’s a good start in understanding our craft.

  • Q: What is “mortality table”?

    A: A “mortality table” is a table showing how many members of a group starting at a certain age will be alive at each succeeding age. It is used to calculate the probability of dying in (or surviving through) any period. To be appropriate for a specific group it should be based on the experience of individuals having common characteristics (such as sex or occupation).

  • Q: Are you certified to practice in Nj?

    A: The Actuaries at EH Thomson are enrolled before the Joint Board of Enrolled Actuaries of the Internal Revenue Service and Nationally Licensed to practice in all 50 States.  The professionals at EHT have decades of Pension design and administration Experience and are Certified to Represent Clients before the US Dept. of Labor and Internal Revenue Service.