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Our experienced, enrolled actuaries at E.H. Thomson guide our clients to meet their current and long-term objectives of retirement and employee benefit plans. We help them in making decisions, optimize performance, and ensure compliance to meet their goals while focusing on critical issues such as liability risk management, fiduciary responsibility, and de-risking. Our actuarial consultants cater to all clients ranging from private and public organizations to not-for-profit clients and their advisors. We calculate and analyze statistics, make predictions, and offer the most accurate information to help clients evaluate their best options.
If you are interested in our actuarial consulting services, please contact our support team.
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Retirement Tools
We offer various retirement calculators, as each accounts for slightly different scenarios. Choose the one that suits your needs the best.
Our Actuarial Consulting Services
At our actuarial consulting firm, we offer help in the following areas:
  • Corrective processing consultation
  • Controlled Group analysis
  • VCP and VFCP filings
  • Audit support (DOL/IRS)
  • DOL, ERISA, IRS compliance
  • Analysis of legislation that could impact plan design and operation
  • Plan Document and Compliance Consultation
Each consultant at our actuarial firm understands the importance of retirement plans and their role within every organization, both for the employer and the employees. We will design a 401(k) program and help you and your employees understand it in detail. We believe in forging genuine relationships with our clients and ensure that you meet your goals in the long-run.
Under this pension plan, an employer deposits a set percentage of the employee’s yearly compensation plus interest credits in their accounts. Contact us to learn more about this plan.
Under this retirement plan, a retired employee is entitled to a specific amount based on the salary history and years of service. However, the employer bears the investment risk in this plan.
As one of the best actuarial consulting companies in the United States, we are committed to designing and managing a retirement plan that best suits your financial and human resources needs of you, the plan sponsor, as well as your employees.