Your Pension.Your Retirement. Our Job.

E.H. Thomson & Company,

your pension is our job.

E.H. Thomson is a consulting actuarial firm administering over 500 plans. Our clients range from brokers on the NYSE to corporations in the entertainment industry,manufacturing, service firms, importer/exporters, and collectively bargained plans.

Our Services covers the three major aspect of pension:

Designing a Pension Plan for Maximum Benefits


Consultation on Legal Aspects of Pension Plans


Qualified Pension Administrators

Services that E.H. Thomson always includes in the ongoing administration include:
  1. Determination of eligibility for plan participantion and distributable benefits from the plan.
  2.  Consultation on matters relating to administration of the plan, investments, payment of benefits and current legislation affecting your plan.
  3. Calculation of benefits and required contributions in connection with the funding of the plan. Allocation of contributions and investment earnings to participants’ accounts, if applicable.
  4. Preparation of required governmental reporting forms, including Form 5500, Annual Return/Report, with applicable attachments and schedules, actuarial certification with respect to the defined benefit plan, Form PBGC, and statements to participants.


American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries
Qualified Pension Administrator